To our incredible customers (a.k.a our biggest cheer squad).

As you all know, times have changed and small businesses are trying to adapt to the regulations that are enforced due to COVID-19.

We would like to let you know that we are open for takeaway only, and we will remain to do so until we are told otherwise. We will also be offering fruit and vegetable boxes as well as essential boxes. We will keep you all updated and we promise we will explore every avenue possible to ensure those that are desperate for essentials are looked after accordingly.

If you would like to order a fruit and veg box give us a call on 43854593 or 0421024478. 

It breaks our hearts seeing super market shelves being stripped of items that everyone needs by unnecessary bulk buying. We are all in this together, showing compassion and empathy for everyone around you is important at this time. Social distancing even when you think this virus won’t have an impact on you is crucial at so please do your bit.

Self isolation will not be easy, and we know that those that fear that it will effect their mental health are not alone. We are here for you; for a takeaway drink, takeaway meal, any essentials we can possibly get our hands on, or even for a chat. We are here.

And remember how rich you are;

Your life is priceless,

Your time is gold,

And your wealth is your health.


Lots of love;

Georgia & The Boy and the Rose family. x