Georgia’s a homegrown North Avoca girl with a passion for good food and good vibes. She established The Boy and The Rose after asking herself, why not? North Avoca was in need of a community space, and this combines good food, good coffee and, most importantly good banter.

It’d be impossible to achieve everything we have without our epic staff.

Sharing excitement for great grub, superb service and everything local, our awesome team make every brekkie, brunch and lunch an absolute delight.


Jye (our sassy barista and manager). You’ll find him pouring liquid gold and serving up tulips in piccolo glasses. This guy’s got more style than a drag queen on Oxford Street. If he doesn’t remember your coffee order, you’ve got the wrong guy.

Carpo – She’s second in charge, and you better believe that we know it. She kicks us into gear when we’re slacking off and tells it exactly how it is. She’s been with us since day one and can do just about anything…except spell your name properly on your docket.

J Raymond– When she isn’t being asked out by 95% of our customers, she’s making us laugh our heads off. She’s a no BS kinda chick and if she’s not with Ziggy (the cutest labradoodle in North Avoca), she’s getting her self a pie at the kebab shop in Terrigal.

Lil Willy (right) – he absolutely knows how to stir the pot, and does it pretty well. He surfs with sharks, and even though he’s been with us since day one, he still carries coffees out with two hands. He’s the annoying little brother of the shop but we have a feeling he might actually be cooler than we realise…

As lovely as Will looks (ladies), and among the plethora of his bad jokes he is indeed capable of surprising you with a good one here and there. Impossible to get mad at because he’s just too nice of a guy and has eaten 3 bacon and egg rolls in one shift.

Miss Charlie has been with us before she was even old enough to work. She’s the best dancer this side of North Avoca and I absolutely dare you to sass her…She is the juice bar queen but also can do just about anything else you throw at her.

Ahh Dane –  Wingman to Lil Willy and the quiet achiever at the shop. You’ll see him on his postie or downing two beers simultaneously. You read that correctly… 

Vinny – We really wish we had a better photo. Truly. However, this does accurately depict who Vince is. Loves to make coffee, but can also make a killer açai bowl (that’s pronounced ‘ah-sigh-e’ by the way).

Issac or Zac – loves Taylor Swift. A lot. We actually thought he was kidding…turns out the joke was on us. He’s a gun in the kitchen, and is Rob’s right hand man.

Ohhh Chloe – she’s so sweet it makes our teeth hurt, and a bit (a lot) of a babe. She’s the reason we started caring what we wore at work #slay

Robert, Rob, Robbie, whatever you want to call him, he’s hands down the best chef we know. He’s passionate, talented and bloody hilarious. He makes us laugh 5 days a week, without fail and he’s the guy who invented the best B&E roll in North Avoca.

Vic – she’s our kitchen queen and the kindest person you’ll ever meet. She gives hugs that make you feel like you’re wearing a Snuggie, and her laugh is iconic. Make sure you hear out for it when you’re in!


These guys deliver the goods! Central Coast represent.


These guys deliver the goods! Central Coast represent.